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Academic Specialty Centers and Groups

UAV Academic Centers

Imaging Technology Centers

   Rochester Institute of Technology 

   Digital Imaging-Remote Sensing Lab

   Girvan Institute of Technology - with the UAV Center at Clark University

          Imaging Labs

Telemetry Technology Centers

   Brigham Young University - Mini UAV Telemetry ; Target Acquisition, Localization and Surveillance using a Fixed Wing Mini-UAV and Gimbaled Camera (Quigley, Goodrich, Griffiths,Eldredge,and Beard).

General UAV Academic Programs and User Groups

Arizona State University

         UAV Capstone Engineering Project       

Carnegia Mellon Institute - The Robotics Institute

          Autonomous Helicopter Project   see also

California Polytechnic - Pomona

Clarkson University

          Inflatable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project

Cornell University

         CUUAV Team

Drexel University

         CQAR - Closed Quarter Aerial Robotics

         Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab - Professor Paul Oh Director

Embry - Riddle Aeronautical University


ETH - Eldgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich

          UAV Group

Exeter University (UK)

         UAV Project

Georgia Tech

          Aerial Robotics see also Aerial Robotics 1, UAV Research 2, UAV Team 3GT Research Institute Traffic .

The Georgia Institute of Technology is the home of the Resource Center for Earth Observations, a leading academic center for UAV research and a rich resource of UAV information.

Among the many resources are the indices and links to UAV Research Groups, an index of Universities conducting UAV Research, a comprehensive list of sensor applications and instruments for use with UAVs, and resources on UAV platforms.

High Altitude SLUG Center - Home

Iowa State University


Istanbul Technical University

          UCAKCILAR Team - see also EYE-copter

Lehigh University

          Micro Aerial Vehicle Research

Letourneau University

          Phoenix Project - Independent, Intelligent Flight

Institut de Recherche en Communications et en Cybernetique de Nantes

          Robea-ROBVOLINT Project

Mesa State College


Mississippi State University



           Draper Autonomous Helicopter Project

Monash University (Australia)

           Aerobotics Research Group

New Mexico State University

           Physical Science Laboratory

North Carolina State University

           Aerial Robotics Club - 2005 AUVSI Competition Paper

           Robotics Competition Downloads (Technical Papers)

Parks College (University of St. Louis)

           UAV Design

PIMA Community College

           UAV Club

Queensland University (Australia)


Ross Hulman Institute of Technology

           Aerial Robotics Club

Simon Fraser University

           Aerial Robotics Group

South Dakota School of Mines

           UAV Project

Southern Polytechnic State University

          Aerial Robotics Team

Stanford University

           Hummingbird Aerospace Robotics Laboratory   see also12

Swiss Federal Intitute of Technology (Switzerland)

           UAV Group   see also

Technische Universitat Berlin

           MARVIN Project - Multipurpose Aerial Robot Vehicle eith Intelligent Navigation

Texas A&M University

           The Texas Buzzard

The Ohio State University

           Aerial Robotics Team

Trans Pacific

           Trans Pacific UAV Design Group

United States Air Force Academy

           Advanced UAV Design Program

University of Arizona

           Aerial Robotics Club see also 1

University of California - Berkeley

          BEAR - Berkeley Aerobot Team

          Urban Obsticle Avoidance

University of Florida- Gainsville

         LIST Lab - Commercial Use of UAVs

            LIST Lab

University of Central Florida

           UAV Hummingbird Program

           Pegasus Project

University of Kansas

         Kansas UAV Consortium

University of Kentucky

           Big Blue Project - see also AIRCAT Project

University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

           Aerial Robotics Club

University of Manitoba

           Airships to the Arctic

University of Maryland

           Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory

University of North Dakota

           Center of Excellence for Defense UAV Education  - (Sep 2005) The Senate Appropriations Committee has earmarked $1 Million dollars to create an UAV Center of Excellence in conjunction with Grand Forks AFB UAV Mission.

University of Notre Dame

           Micro UAV Development Group

University of Southern California

          Autonomous Flying Vehicle Project

University of Texas - Austin

           UT Aerial Robotics

University of Texas - Arlington

           Autonomous Vehicles Laboratorysee also

University of Waterloo

           Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group

Virginia Commonwealth University


Virginia Tech

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