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HALE MALE and Low Altitude UAV


This graphic depicts commonly recognized HALE, MALE and TUAV UAVs and the altitude and endurance each achieves in normal mission operations.

UAVs have been under development since the beginning of flight. Laurence "Nuke" Newcome, a former B-52 pilot, who was responsible for the development of several UAVs for the military has published "Unmanned Aviation: A Brief History of Unmanned Aerial Vehiclesthe go to resource for information on the historical development of AUVs. Nukes monograph covers UASs from the conceptualization by Nikolai Tesla to the present day.

Over a period of about twenty years UAV's have evolved worldwide into stable platforms capable of a wide range of mission profiles including those that receive the majority of press such as the Predator and Global Hawk missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over 300 platforms have been developed to date. Twenty are in production, about fifty are conceptual and the balance have been developmental and are production capable. The European NAS and Australian NAS have progressed development of Commercial UAV usage ahead of the United States.

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