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Autopilot Navigation
A recent May 2006 thesis entitled "Vision Based 3D Navigation for an Autonomous Helicopter", by Stefan Ellis de Nagy Koves Hrabar of the University of Southern California is of interest to rotary wing operations.

Avionics - AutoPilot - Navigation -Tracking


Aero Telemetry


         Aero Telemetry

Aero Tracker System - Track UAV over Terrain

        Aerotracker - UAV Terrain Aware Tracking and mission management software

Aselsan - (Turkey)

         Navigation Guidance Systems

           LN-100G Guidance System

BAI Autopilot

        L-3 BAI Aerosystems - Avionics and Autopilot


        AS-07 Automatic Pilot

CDL Systems

         VCS-4586 - adheres to NATO STANAG 4586  UAV Interoperability Standard

Cloud Cap Technology

         Piccolo - Avionics for Autonomous UAV Autopilots

           Piccolo Integration into APV-3 UAV from RnR Company

CrossBow Technologies

            VG400, AHRS400, and AHRS500 family of sensor, navigation autopilots.

          All Products

          1-axis and 3-axis accelerometers

          Solid State Vertical Gyros

          MEMS Inertial Measuring Unit

          Navigation and Servo Control Board

          Solid State Tilt and Angle Sensors

          Rate Gyro Accelerometer

          AHRS for Aviation Altitude Heading Reference System

          MEMS based Navigation and Heading System

          Wireless Sensor Network


Geneva Aerospace, Inc. - markets a comprehesive suite of flight control and communications UAS technologies. Genaero recently conducted a test of the Geneva Aerospace Autopilot/Dakota UAS which included safe automatic takeoff and landing. Geneva Aerospace has developed a DSA algorithm which is currently under evaluation.







Intelligent Control Systems Laboratory

        Information Exploitation Office


       MicroPilot - World Leaders in Small UAV Autopilots

NovAtel - GPS  Engines




         Super Star II

         Euro 3M


Phoenix Navigation Systems

          Scan Ahead Navigator

Septentrio - Navigation Receiver

         Septentrio PolaRx2@ Navigation Receiver

TEKNOL - Russian leading manufacturer of MEMS/GPS integrated products

         for manned and unmanned aircraft


      CompaNav-2   - compact integrated MEMS INS/GPS navigation and attitude

           reference system


      TeKFCS      - UAV Autopilot and Flight Control System with INS/GPS



          UNAV3300 Autopilot - a full featured digital flight control and telemetry system

         Pico Pilot - miniature Autopilot sytem 

         Nav2PCB - Printed circuit for aileron control

         ALT3 PCB - altitude hold elevator control PCB

         THRT PCB - Throttle control PCB

         PICOTILT PCB - 2 axis camera stabilization PCB

         Tracker - Ground Control Station Software

UAV Flight Systems - Autopilot

       UAV Flight Systems Autopilot

         AP-50 Autopilot

         Ground Pilot Display

UAV Navigation

           UAV Navigation Home

         AP04 Autopilot - integrated fault tolerant ruggedized Flight Control System

         UAV Nav Services 

weControl  - Flight Control Solutions

         wePilot1000 - Flight Control System for Small Unmanned Helicopters

           wePilot2000 Flight Control System for Mini Fixed Wing UAV

           wePilot4RMAX Flight Control System for Yamaha RMAX Helicopters

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