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Imaging Sensors and Data Collection

 The telemetry section of explores the topic of telemetry in greater detail.

Data collection and imaging to date has for the most part been limited to detectors measuring radiation over wavelengths in the visual and near and far infra red ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. The most common instrument packages are  various iterations on the miniature electro optical or video camera or digital and film cameras of varying resolution and sophistication.

Researchers at Brigham Young University report on some of the problems associated with the transmission of video data from small UAVs.

As UAV payloads become more refined is is easy to envision the use of miniaturized spectraphotometers, spectrometers, and other data collection, imaging and sensor technologies for applications such as environmental sampling, NBC/CBR defence and attack warning, industrial emission monioring, HAZMAT operations. The Cognitive Engineering Research Institute has published abstracts in the areas of human factors and sensor miniturization research for UAVs.

Thermal Infrared - Visual EO Sensors


          Defense Camera Series

          Aerial HDTV

          TXM6 - Monochrome or IR 

          TMX10 - Miniature Monochrome or IR

Advanced Aviation Technology

        CamVISION - Onboard Aerial Cameras

Airborne Data Systems

          ADS -  Home

          Agri-View - Multi spectral Imaging Systems

        Recon-View - High Resolution Camera

        Spectra-View - Multi Spectral Digital Imaging System

Airborne Innovations

Airborne Innovations  - Multi-megapixel and satcom digital image transmission systems for small UAVs, aerial mosaicing

Aselsan (Turkey)

          Aselsan - Home

        Baykus - Thermal Imaging Camera

        DNTSS - Day Night Thermal Scan System

BAE Ssytems

          HC100 - Infrared Imaging Camera System

          LTC550 - Fixed Mount IR Camera (320x40)

          PMC300 - Fixed Mount IR Camera (640x480)

          SCC500IR Camera Cores (Cooled)

          Infra Red Line Scanners

Bodkin Design and Engineering - Spectrometers, IR and Visible Imaging

         3-D Spectrometer - Hyperpixel Array - capture spatial and spectral data in one frame

         Mini 3-D Spectrometer

         IR Zoom Camera

         Black Body Calibrator

         Omni Spotter - VIS / IR Camera

Britannia 2000 - MilSpec Color Cameras

         Mini Mavis III - Remote microwave Controlled Color/Monochrome Camera

       Portis - Ruggedized Portable IR Imager camera

       2554  High Resolution Class A Monochrome and Color Camera

       2553 CM  Color Monochrome Zoom Camera

       2553 Lite - Mil Spec Lightweight Color Mono Camera

CANVS - Night Vision Products

       Color Night Vision Video Systems


       AirCam V12 - Camera - Turret and Console - 5 axis stabilized

       AirCam V14 - Gyro Stabilized Camera

       HiDEF Gyrostabilized HDTV Camera

CONTROP  Precision Technologies

        CONTROP Home

       MGF1- Aerial Film Camera

       FOX - Thermal Imaging Camera

       D-STAMP - Day Stamp Stabilized Payload

       ESP600 C - High Resolution Color Observation Payload

       ESP -1H    Daylight Stabilized Platform

       ESI-1 - Stabilized Camera System ( 3 CCD Array)

       DSP-1  - Dual Sensor Platform - compact high res gyro stabilized

       MSSP-1   - Multi Sensor Stabilized Payload

       MSSP-3  - Maritime Observation Payload


DELFT  (Photonis-DEP)

         Super GEN - Night Vision Image Intensifier Technology

         Gen II Plus - Image Intensifier

         XR-5 - Technology Autogated Image Intensifier

         XD-4  - Image Intensifier

DMT Technologies

         AIMS Airborne - lightweight X-Band Radar System

EADS - European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company

EADS Payload Sensors System Micro

EMX Inc.

          AeroScout - Multi Sensor Airborne Imaging System

FLIR Imaging Systems

          UAV Imaging Systems

          BriteStar - Designator Rangefinder

             StarQ - High Performance Airborne Observation System - Long Range IR Imaging

             Ultra8500 - Advanced FLIR - Infrared Imager

             StarSAFIRE III - High Resolution Large Format IR Imager

             Merlin - Near Infrared OEM Core

             Micron - Small OEM Long Wavelength IR Camera System

            Phoenix - OEM Core - used on the Global Hawk UAV

            Apache - OEM IR Core

GER Corporation

            EPS-M  Multi Spectral Scanner System

            EPS-A  Multi Spectral Scanner

            EPS-H  - Multi Spectral Scanner

             GSAR - Synthetic Aperture Radar


       Magnetic Sensors

IMPERX - Mobil Imaging Solutions

             FrameLink   - JFEX Digital Video Canera (see also PDF) -  Aerosonde UAV

Ion-Optics - home

        tunIR - Family of IR Sources

        markIR - Tactical Sources

        MEMS - IR Gas Sensor

ISS  Imaging Sensors and Systems ltd. (ISO9001 Certified)

          ISS  - Imaging Products Home

          AN/TSD-501 - Long Wave Thermal Imager

             AeroScout - Multi Sensor Airborne System - Foreward Looking Infra Red

             M320i/M320i-3 - Mid Wave Thermal Imager

KAPPA opto-electronics Gmbh - KAPPA makes too many cameras to itemize

         Digital Cameras Overview

         Digital Color Cameras

         UAV Color Camera

         Night Vision System Cameras

L3 Communications

L-3 BAI - Payloads and Sensors L-3 Infrared Sensor System L-3 BAI Aerosystems - Payloads and Sensors


L-3 Communications WESCAM MX-15  EO Imaging Camera MX-15D EO Camera with Laser Designator High Resolution Sea Sentry - Marine Environments 12DS/TS200 - Color Camera Gyro Stabilized MX-20  IR Imager        L-3 Cincinatti Electronics       Infrared Products       Infrared Surveillance Systems       TVS-8500 Thermal Imaging Radiometer       InSB - Acquisition and Tracking IR Imagers       UAV Reconaissance and Surveillance       Navigation and Landing Sensors LOT (Oriel)                                 Alpha NIR - Near Infrared Imaging Camera                 Steinbichler Comet - 3D Digitizing Camera Varizoom Digitizing System                 ThermaCAM Phoenix - Infrared FLIR Camera                 ThermoVision A10 - Small Footprint Thermal Imaging Camera                 High Speed Camera                 Merlin ThermaCAM - Infrared Camera                 LOT Thermal Imaging                 XENIX - Infrared Cameras                 MicroSTAR II IR Thermal Imager               Microstrat IR Imager Sensor Payload Optical Alchemy

        Optical Alchemy Home

        Optical Alchemy Integration Solutions

        KJ-800 Series Inertially Stabilized 3-Axis Sensor Gimbal

        KJ-600 Series Inertially Stabilized Sensor Gimbal -The KJ-600 fills the sensor void in the UAV market between the Dragon Eye and Shadow Class UAVs and in addition, the KJ-600 enables UAVs in the Shadow and smaller class to significantly improve their endurance and sensor payloads.


       Xtreme High Speed Image Camera

       Lense Intensifier

       Video Camera

       Right Angle Camera

       Multi Framing Camera

PolyTechnic Airborne Remote Sensing


       Pixel 275 II - 4 Axis Gyro Stabilized Video System

       Pixel 275 II  SP6 Axis Passive / 4 Axis Active Gyro Stabilized Video System

       Pixel 275 III  -  4 Axis Gyro Stabilized Digital Imaging System

       FSI ThermaCAM S40 - Uncooled Camera Head

       FSI ThermaCAM SC3000 - Cooled Camera Head - Highest Sensitivity

       FSI Thermovision 1000

       WhiteStar I, II, and III (PDF)

Pixel Physics (Geospatial Systems Inc.)

       Overview - Capabilities Overview


        UAV Thermal Imaging Solutions

Recon Optical Inc.

      ROI Home

       Advanced Hyperspectral Technology

       CA-261 - Digital Step Framing Camera

       CA-270 - Dual-Band Low - Medium Altitude Camera Family

       CA-295 - Dual-Band High Altitude Camera Family

Remote Aerospace Inc.

       eXsYght - Camera

Skyships Remote


Surface Optics Corporation


        700-UV and 700-Visible - Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

        700-NIR  - Near Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

Thermoteknix Systems Ltd.

        Miricle Infra Red Camera

Video Recorders

  Payload Digital Cartridge Recorder Video Mission Recorder

Data Visualization Hardware

Array Systems Computing Inc.

          Array - Home

          Scalable GSC - Scalable Generic Signal Processor

          TriSAR - Scalable SAR Processor


Data Visualization Software

AVS Advanced Visual Systems

        Data Visualization & Visual Analysis


Markland Smart Vision Video Sensors Algorithms

Markland Technologies: Intelligent Surveillance

          Markland Technologies: Border Security

Markland Technologies: Chemical Detection

RSI (ITT Industries)

           ENVI 4.2 - Software

Spectral Sciences

           Software Capabilities UAV Systems

           UAV Technology White Paper

Gimbals and Camera Mounts


         Camera Mounts

Britannia 2000

          2632   - DC Pan and Tilt Unit

          2620   - DC Pan and Tilt Unit

          2588    - Mini Tilt and Pan Unit

V-TOL Aerosystems

          i-Gimbal Series


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